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"Such an invigorating book! This deftly argued work exposes conventional accounts of the history of the novel as narrow and provincial. Bartoszyńska finds in Poland and Ireland sophisticated, self-reflexive fictions that ask—and invite us to ask—searching new questions about what the novel is and does."

"At last! A comparative history of the novel, reading western with eastern Europe: Irish and Polish novels in illuminating dialogue over the picaresque and the fantastic, utopias, queer aestheticism, meta-modernism. These novels, Bartoszyńska demonstrates, create interlaced worlds."

"Estranging the Novel is an original, lucid, and compelling contribution to the study of the novel as a capacious, formally various, and geographically wide genre. The book is beautifully conceived, clearly written, and thoroughly explicated."

"Bartoszyńska's alternative concept of novelistic mimesis is rich and thought-provoking. This is important and exciting work, and our sense of world literature will be the better for it."