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"This is an excellent book, and one I would heartily recommend to anyone with an interest in the history of the health sciences or the history of the women's movement."

"Much has been written about post-menopausal estrogen therapy... This wonderful book tells the story."

"A good read."

"The Estrogen Elixir sets a high standard for future histories of pharmaceuticals and of aging."

"This book takes an in-depth, socially analytical look at the evolution of menopausal hormone therapy in the United States, with a focus on estrogen since its discovery... Watkins tells the story accurately and objectively. No accusations and no praise, just the facts."

"Watkins provides a fascinating, multi-faceted study of HRT, leaving no voices out of the debate."

"Watkins presents a detailed account of the historical record of the subject."

"More than a medical history of HRT. It is also a history of the medicalization of women's health and changing cultural attitudes toward aging, femininity, female identity, women's health activism, and the science of drug evaluations."

"A fascinating aspect of Watkins's story is how drugs can be rebranded in the face of falling sales."

"A significant work on the social history of American medicine and a major contribution to the growing literature on hormonal therapeutics and research."

"Estrogen Elixir has many strengths... a commendable and welcome addition to emerging literature in modern women's health history."

"An exemplary study of how the nation which first had access to oral contraceptives first came to terms with their advantages, and their drawbacks."

"Intelligent and well-structured... An admirable exercise in social history."

"A particularly fascinating issue, trim and focused, sophisticated and helpful, fresh and very interesting."

"In every carefully organized, lucidly written chapter Watkins provides surprising corrections to conventional thinking about the new birth control method."

"Anyone concerned with the debate over scientific advance and medical authority will find this a highly stimulating study."