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Table Of Contents

1. Beginnings
2. From the ''Neutral Gender'' to ''Feminine Forever''
3. Selling Estrogen to Doctors
4. Selling Estrogen to Women
5. From Hero to Villain: Estrogen and Endometrial Cancer
6. Enter the Feminists: Informing Women about Estrogen
7. Enter the FDA: A Patient Package Insert for Estrogen
8. Resurrecting Estrogen, I: Osteoporosis and Medical Science
9. Resurrecting Estrogen, II: Osteoporosis and American Culture
10. Skeptics and Believers: Varieties of Women's Responses
11. Weighing the Benefits and Risks of HRT: Estrogen, Heart Disease, and Breast Cancer
12. 1992: The Year of the Menopause
13. Meno-Boomers: Another Generation Confronts Estrogen
14. The ''Gold Standard'': Estrogen and the Randomized Controlled Trials