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Table Of Contents

1. "It Was Being Too Abstemious That Brought This Sickness upon Me": Alcoholic Beverage Consumption in the Early Chesapeake
2. "They Will be Adjudged by Their Drinke, What Kind of Housewives They Are": Gender, Technology, and Household Cidering inEngland and the Chesapeake, 1690 to 1760
3. "This Drink Cannot Be Kept During the Summer": Large Planters, Science, and Community Networks in the Early Eighteenth Century
4. "Anne Howard... Will Take in Gentlemen": White Middling Women and the Tavernkeeping Trade in Colonial Virginia
5. "Ladys Here All Go to Market to Supply Their Pantry": Alcohol for Sale, 1760 to 1776
6. "Every Man His Own Distiller": Technology, the American Revolution, and the Masculinization of Alcohol Production in the Late Eighteenth Century
7. "He Is Much Addicted to Strong Drinke": The Problem of Alcohol
A Few Recipes
Essay on Sources