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Table Of Contents

Publisher's Note
Genetic Differentiation during Speciation
Molecular Variability and Hypothesis Testing: An Ode to Electrophoresis
The Pocket Gopher
Gene Trees and Organismal Histories
Nature's Family Archives
Molecular Clones within Organismal Clones
Aging, Sexual Reproduction, and DNA Repair
The Real Message from Biosphere
Conservation Genetics and Sea Turtles
The History and Purview of Phylogeography
Cladists in Wonderland
Evolving Genomic Metaphors: A New Look at the Language of DNA
Genetic Mating Systems and Reproductive Natural Histories of Fishes
An American Naturalist's Impressions on Australian Biodiversity
The Best and the Worst of Times for Evolutionary Biology
Models, Metaphors, and Machines
Evolution's Unanswered Questions
Source Articles