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Table Of Contents

1. Introduction
American Existentialists before the Fact
2. The "Drizzly November" of the American Soul
Kierkegaardian Moments
3. Kierkegaard Comes to America
4. A Kierkegaardian Age of Anxiety
The Era of French Existentialism
5. The Vogue of French Existentialism
6. New York Intellectuals and French Existentialists
7. The Canon of Existentialism
Realizing an Existential Vision
8. "Cold Rage": Richard Wright and Ralph Ellison
9. Norman Mailer's Existential Errand
10. Robert Frank's Existential Vision
Postwar Student and Women's Movements
11. Camus's Rebels
12. Existential Feminists: Simone de Beauvoir and Betty Friedan
13. Conclusion: Existentialism Today and Tomorrow
Essay on Sources

Existential America
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