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"An innovative and important study of textiles as texts. Skeehan's genealogy of objects interconnects fabric and print, taking readers on a world tour to reveal how the physical object of fabric became a locus of ideas and emerging changes in world culture and politics. I would give the author the highest praise I can give to an interdisciplinary scholar: I could not tell what her home discipline was."

"This superbly researched, theoretically sophisticated book succeeds brilliantly in circumnavigating four continents and at least a dozen literary and material genres to bring into conversation an astonishing breadth of sources. Textiles truly come alive in this story, recording the knowledge, history, and lived experience of a host of otherwise silent historical actors: enslaved Africans and African Americans, dispossessed Native communities, industrial laboring women, indentured servants, rag pickers, and many more. A timely, bold, and courageous work."