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"An engaging look at a neglected part of the history of the American Civil War."

"Coddington has hit upon a unique and fascinating niche in the seemingly endless march of Civil War books."

"A lavishly produced visual record of southern Civil War soldiers... will appeal to serious photography enthusiasts and collectors, as well as those readers captivated by the personal stories of Civil War soldiers."

"Coddington's prose is as unpretentious as the faces he shares, yet authoritative. It resurrects details that broaden our understanding of those sad times and sheds valuable light on the shape of modern culture."

"Even at a distance of over a hundred years, the faces staring out of these pages create an undeniable emotional connection with the reader. This book is highly recommended."

"A fascinating window into the war's impact on the individual soldier... well researched and engagingly written. Any teacher of the Civil War would do well to consult this volume and incorporate some of the captivating tales into lectures and readings."

"Faces of the Civil War Navies is a notable addition to anyone's Civil War library—whether they are interested in the War's naval history or social aspects. Coddington does a worthy job providing scholarly biographies that are both interesting to read and informative. The scholarly nature of this work can be appreciated through the thoroughly cited entries, and extensive bibliography. In the end Faces of the Civil War Navies does accomplish Coddington's goal of adding the human story of the war at sea."

"The book is a fine addition to Coddington's Faces series, bringing a human sensibility to what history has recorded as a fierce and brutal conflict."

"Readers will delight in opening the book to any page to discover a new face, name, and story that might otherwise have gone untold. Though admittedly not a naval historian, Coddington navigates the topic with ease, using his subjects' own words when possible to create vivid new portraits of life at sea during the American Civil War."

"The seventy-seven stories and photos constitute a unique kind of social history, a cross section of ordinary human lives before, during, and after the most traumatic and lethal conflict in American history."

"The latest in Ron Coddington's unique series of books featuring Civil War photographs, Faces of the Civil War Navies is an extremely successful and excellently written volume. Its stories of particular vessels and the men who served on them read like a Patrick O'Brian novel."