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Table Of Contents

Foreword, by Daniel K. Richter

Introduction: Empire, Indigeneity, and Revolution
Kate Fullagar and Michael A. McDonnell

Part I: Pathways
1. The Future Makers: Managing Australia in 1788
Bill Gammage
2. The Indigenous Architecture of Empire: The Anishinaabe Odawa in North America Michael A. McDonnell
3. Exploiting British Ambivalence in West Africa: Fante Sovereignty in the Early Nineteenth Century
Rebecca Shumway
4. New Ecologies: Pathways in the Pacific, 1760s-1840s
Jennifer Newell
5. Closed Sea or Contested Waters? The Persian Gulf in the Age of Revolution
Sujit Sivasundaram

Part II: Entanglements
6. Red Power and Homeland Security: Native Nations and the Limits of Empire in the Ohio Country
Colin G. Calloway
7. Between Reform and Revolution: Class Formation and British Colonial Rule at the Cape of Good Hope
Nicole Ulrich
8. Christianity, Commerce, and the Remaking of the Māori World
Tony Ballantyne
9. Broken Treaty: Taungurung Responses to the Settler Revolution in Colonial Victoria
Robert Kenny

Part III: Connections
10. Envoys of Interest: A Cherokee, a Ra‘iatean, and the Eighteenth-Century British Empire
Kate Fullagar
11. Makahs, Māori, and the Settler Revolution in Pacific Marine Space
Joshua L. Reid
12. Imperial Structures, Indigenous Aims: Connecting Native Engagement in Scotland, North America, and South Asia
Justin Brooks
13. Shawundais and the Methodist Mission to Native North America
Elspeth Martini

Afterword, by Shino Konishi


Facing Empire
Indigenous Experiences in a Revolutionary Age
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