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"Recommended... General readers through faculty."

"The idea behind this book is excellent - to bring to a wider audience issues relating to energy policy for which no clear-cut answers exist. The writing is clear, and the style aimed at the educated citizen as well as the student."

"Fact and Fiction in Global Energy Policy: Fifteen Contentious Questions is that rare book that should, and must, be read by a wide audience: undergraduate and graduate students, policymakers (or at least their staffers), industry representatives, and leaders of an array of energy-focused and/or environmental non-governmental organizations... the importance of the ideas in this book, its clear and accessible writing, and the timeliness of its publication should make it required reading for decision-makers in energy and environment policy and practice.""

"The book provides a valuable resource for stimulating discussion and debate in university and senior secondary school classes, and in the community at large."

"[Fact and Fiction in Global Energy Policy] urges policymakers and the general public to critically think on how to incorporate such diverse perspectives in a truly sustainable global energy policy."

"An essential guide to the international debate on how to create a more sustainable energy system by probing into some of the key areas of contention... [highly recommended] as a tour de force that will be of utility to students, researchers and practitioners seeking to better understand global energy policy."

"It reflects a substantial effort to compile reams of information in a fair and balanced way... fills an important gap."

"[Fact and Fiction in Global Energy Policy] accomplishes much in introducing the wide scope of the global energy landscape and outlining many of the challenges and tradeoffs inherent in the creation of global energy policy."

"This book's impressive strengths include its careful and extensive research, relentlessly balanced presentation, thoughtful syntheses, and appeals to move beyond partisanship."

"Designed as a popular guide to a selection of controversies, this book takes stock of topics that people argue about when they argue about energy.  Its central contribution is to show that green debates are made of black and white and many shades of grey.  It will be useful reading for students, researchers and even practitioners."

"In this era of polarization and simplistic debates, this book provides a refreshingly candid, nuanced, and balanced treatment of the most difficult energy choices. Insightful, penetrating and even witty, this work is the perfect antidote to your typical energy book."

"Energy is no less about facts, data, and choices than about frames, beliefs, and attitudes. This unique, wide-ranging, and valuable compilation delves beneath the surface of diverse energy controversies to reveal what is really at issue and at stake."

"Written by some of the most highly regarded energy policy experts active today, this deeply researched book displays an impressive command of a wide range of topics and literatures."

"A balanced and stimulating treatment of fifteen major energy policy questions, especially well designed for enriching student discussion."