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Part I. Setting the Stage
1. Establishing the Framework: The Emergence of a New Paradigm
2. The American Faculty in Historical Perspective
3. The Faculty in Profile

Part II—Changing Trajectories of Academic Careers
4. Changing Pathways to Career Entry
5. Career Progression and Mobility
6. Career Exit: Faculty Retirement Viewed Anew

Part III—The Changing Complexion of Faculty Work and Professional Identity
7. Faculty Work Under Pressure
8. Academic Culture and Values in Transition
9. Academic Compensation Trends In A New Era

Part IV—American Academics in Global Perspectives
10. The American Faculty in a Newly Globalized Higher Education Environment
11. American Faculty in an International Perspective

Part V—Prospects for the Academic Profession
12. American Academic Life Restructured
13. Where From Here? Interventions to Reinvigorate the Faculty Factor


A. Data Sources: An Overview and Status Report 00
B. PhD Production and Distribution Trends
C. Race and Ethnicity Classifications: An Update
D. Changing Academic Professions, 2007-08: Methodology
E. Appendix Tables


The Faculty Factor
Reassessing the American Academy in a Turbulent Era
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