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A Family Venture

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A Family Venture

Men and Women on the Southern Frontier

Selected by Choice Magazine as an Outstanding Academic Book for 1992-1993

In A Family Venture, Joan Cashin explores the profoundly different ways that planter men and women experienced migration from the Southern seaboard to the antebellum Southern frontier. Migration was a family venture in the sense that both men and women took part. But they went to the frontier with competing agendas: many men tried to escape the intricate kinship networks of the seaboard, while women worked to preserve them if they could. Drawing on extensive archival sources and using the perspectives of several disciplines, Cashin explores the effects of the migration experience on sex roles, the nature of slavery, race relations, and a variety of other issues.

A Family Venture
Men and Women on the Southern Frontier
Publication Date: 1 Oct 1994
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