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"This excellent summary of an important part of NASA's history is recommended for all readers."

"Readers interested in either the management or economics of complex organizations will find a wealth of material in this well-written exposition. Fans of space travel, like the author himself, will also enjoy the behind-the-scenes look at NASA's operation."

"An excellent overview of Goldin's initiative and of the scholarly literature that bears on the topic."

"Howard McCurdy is an exceptionally talented scholar who has made many seminal contributions to aerospace history. His new book, Faster, Better, Cheaper, is the first scholarly attempt to explore NASA's transformation from one in which large-scale space science projects were the norm into one in which projects that are smaller, less expensive, and generally less expansive rule the day. McCurdy offers an excellent introduction to NASA's new management approach and points to further understanding and evolution. It will become required reading for NASA managers and engineers, and it will find a significant audience among space scientists and aerospace leaders around the globe."

"It is an engaging story, and the book itself is small enough for bedtime reading."