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"This is a truly remarkable and much-needed contribution to American history. Meticulously researched, Rivers' incisive analysis gives this generation a chance to know, feel, and hear the lost voice of Page and so many others like him who were using a call from God to improve race relations in America. This will change the field."

"Rivers weaves an impressive biographical narrative that moves beyond commonly accepted Eurocentric treatments of the slave preacher and African American religion and culture in the nineteenth century. This carefully crafted, historically nuanced, and deeply engaging biography is a herculean achievement by one of the nation's most seasoned scholars. A superb piece of scholarship."

"Based on impeccable research and written with grace and clarity, Father James Page traces the life of an amazing African American who began life as a slave and rose to prominence as a renowned clergyman. Rivers has restored Page to the influence he once enjoyed. A masterful and fascinating biography that deserves wide readership."

"Father James Page profoundly deepens our understanding of how African Americans radically reshaped Christianity in slavery and how the values of mutual aid, a hatred of exploitation, and love of family informed black politics and institution building for generations to come."

"Larry Rivers tells the gripping life story of James Page, who became an icon among members of his race during and after slavery. A truly inspiring biography of a man whose legacy paved the way for others to take up the blood-stained banner in the fight for full justice, freedom, and equality for all human beings in America today."

"This is the first groundbreaking biography of its kind to explore the life of a nineteenth-century slave preacher and later a free leader of his race. An exceptional achievement!"

"A strong and interesting biography that tells the story of a slave preacher and his legacy in Middle Florida throughout most of the nineteenth century through Reconstruction. A beneficial addition to the literature of antebellum slavery, slave theology, and slave biography; I heartily recommend it."

"This superb book provides a fresh treatment of a personality in the slave community. Highlighting the substantial contributions and the overall significance of the slave preacher James Page, this groundbreaking work will benefit educators, challenge scholars, and force all of us to look at slave preachers anew."

"Dr. Rivers has written a very brave book, because it refuses to accept stereotypes no matter their origin."