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Table Of Contents

List of Contributors
Alan M. Goldberg

Part I. The Big Picture
1. Feeding the World (Well): The Moral Imperative
Jessica Fanzo
2. Malnutrition, Food Systems, and Climate Action
Martin W. Bloem

Part II. Food Systems in Context
3. The Agriculture We Deserve
Ellen K. Silbergeld
4. The Pew Commission on Industrial Farm Animal Production in America: Lessons Learned
Robert Martin
5. Agriculture in Transition
Frederick L. Kirschenmann
6. Agricultural Exceptionalism and the US Regulatory Landscape
Susan A. Schneider and Meredith Kaufman
7. US Oversight of GM Crops
Jennifer Kuzma
8. Conflicts of Interest in Food and Nutrition Research
Marion Nestle
9. Global Food Demand Projections: A Review
Michiel van Dijk, Yashar Saghai, Marie Luise Rau, and Tom Morley

Part III. Contemporary Challenges and Complexities in Food Ethics
Part III.A. Environment
10. Food, Environment, and Ethics
Tara Garnett
11. Water Utilization and Food
Kees van Leeuwen
12. The Impact and Opportunity of Wasted Food
Jonathan Bloom
13. Climate Change and Food Production: Big Worries, Uncertain Impacts
Evan Fraser
Part III.B. Producers and Laborers
14. Primary Agricultural Production: Crops and Farmers
Paul B. Thompson
15. Ethics over Exploitation: Urgent Moral Issues Associated with Labor and Communities in the Food System
Nicole M. Civita
16. Equitable Food Initiative
Peter O'Driscoll
Part III.C. Public Health
17. How Food Systems Support and Undermine Public Health, Nutrition, and Community Well-Being: Some Ethical Concerns and Controversies
Anne Barnhill
18. Food Safety
Herman B. W. M. Koëter
19. Antibiotic Resistance
Lance B. Price
20. Farm Animal Welfare and Human Health
Alan M. Goldberg
Part III.D. Animal Welfare
21. Animal Welfare
Bernard Rollin
22. Biotechnology and Animal Well-Being
Kevin Esvelt
23. Certified Humane
Adele Douglass

Part IV. Case Studies
24. Niman Ranch
Paul Willis
25. Menus of Change
Anne E. McBride
26. Bon Appétit Management Company
Maisie Ganzler
27. Wegmans
Gillian Kelleher
28. US Foods
Sylvia Wulf
29. Water Recirculating Aquaculture Systems and the Future for Land-Based, Closed-Containment Salmon Production
Christopher Good

Part V. The Core Ethical Commitments: A Framework for Ethical Food Systems
30. The Ethical Basis for Choose Food
Anne Barnhill, Nicole M. Civita, and Ruth Faden
31. The Core Ethical Commitments
Anne Barnhill, Nicole M. Civita, Claire Davis, Shauna Downs, Ruth Faden, Sara Glass, Alan M. Goldberg, Herman B. W. M. Koëter, Bernard Rollin, Paul B. Thompson, Kees van Leeuwen, and Suzanne McMillan

Feeding the World Well
A Framework for Ethical Food Systems
Publication Date: 27 Oct 2020
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