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"Brilliant and richly informative... This book deserves to become a standard text in courses on cultural globalization and the cultural politics of gender."

"Boyle uses qualitative and quantitative data at the international, national, and individual levels to demonstrate the complexities and conflict around changing institutionalized cultural practices such as female genital cutting. In doing so, Boyle provides both an in-depth understanding of anti-female genital cutting efforts, and a unique multilevel approach to evaluating global cultural conflict."

"Challenging and insightful. It raises many important questions in the perspectives of the international system, governments, and individuals."

"Boyle has provided the reader with smart, complex, and sophisticated arguments about the contradictions and politics of global culture. I highly recommend it."

"Elizabeth Boyle sets out to explore the cultural foundations for global opposition to female circumcision, the arguments of its defenders, and the attitudes on the part of women in the four African countries in which the controversial procedure is most common. I know of no other treatment of this issue, or indeed any significant issue on the agenda of world affairs, which considers in such depth the global, national, and individual levels of social action and the interconnections among them. Boyle offers much food for thought on this complicated topic and does so with considerable clarity and originality. Her book may very well become a landmark study."

"A strong sociological analysis of institutional interaction around a controversial issue."

"A helpful and balanced synthesis of the laws, policies and literature regarding a highly controversial topic, as well as insight into international institutional dynamics."

Female Genital Cutting
Cultural Conflict in the Global Community
Publication Date: 9 Sep 2005
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Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Page Count: 208 pages
Illustrations: 30 b&w illus.
ISBN: 9780801882630