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Table Of Contents

Watershed, History, and Hydrology of the Chesapeake Bay
General Characteristics of Chesapeake Bay Fish Fauna
Seasonal Fish Faunal Changes
Conservation and Environmental Management of Chesapeake Bay Fishes
The Scope of This Field Guide
How to Identify Fishes in the Bay
How to Use the Keys
Basic Counts and Measurements
Species Accounts
Lampreys - Family Petromyzontidae
Dogfish sharks - Family Squalidae
Requiem sharks - Family Carcharhinidae
Hammerhead sharks - Family Sphyrnidae
Hound sharks - Family Triakidae
Basking shark - Family Cetorhinidae
Sand tigers - Family Odontaspididae
Angel sharks - Family Squatinidae
Sawfishes - Family Pristidae
Whiptail stingrays - Family Dasyatidae
Butterfly rays - Family Gymnuridae
Eagle rays - Family Myliobatidae
Cownose rays - Family Rhinopteridae
Skates - Family Rajidae
Sturgeons - Family Acipenseridae
Gars - Family Lepisosteidae
Bowfins - Family Amiidae
Tenpounders - Family Elopidae
Tarpons - Family Megalopidae
Freshwater eels - Family Anguillidae
Conger eels - Family Congridae
Herrings - Family Clupeidae
Anchovies - Family Engraulidae
Suckers - Family Catostomidae
Carps and minnows - Family Cyprinidae
Sea catfishes - Family Ariidae
North American catfishes - Family Ictaluridae
Pikes - Family Esocidae
Mudminnows - Family Umbridae
Lizardfishes - Family Synodontidae
Cusk-eels - Family Ophidiidae
Cods - Family Gadidae
Merlucciid hakes - Family Merlucciidae
Phycid hakes - Family Phycidae
Toadfishes - Family Batrachoididae
Goosefishes - Family Lophiidae
Mullets - Family Mugilidae
New World silversides - Family Atherinopsidae
Needlefishes - Family Belonidae
Halfbeaks - Family Hemiramphidae
Pupfishes - Family Cyprinodontidae
Topminnows - Family Fundulidae
Livebearers - Family Poeciliidae
Sticklebacks - Family Gasterosteidae
Pipefishes - Family Syngnathidae
Sculpins - Family Cottidae and Lumpfishes - Family Cyclopteridae
Searobins - Family Triglidae
Butterfishes - Family Stromateidae
Cutlassfishes - Family Trichiuridae
Sand lances - Family Ammodytidae
Jacks - Family Carangidae
Cobia - Family Rachycentridae
Remoras - Family Echeneidae
Mackerels - Family Scombridae
Barracudas - Family Sphyraenidae
Stargazers - Family Uranoscopidae
Drums and croakers - Family Sciaenidae
Spadefishes - Family Ephippidae
Bluefish - Family Pomatomidae
Clingfishes - Family Gobiesocidae
Gobies - Family Gobiidae
Temperate basses - Family Moronidae
Perches - Family Percidae
Combtooth blennies - Family Blenniidae
Snakeheads - Family Channidae
Butterflyfishes - Family Chaetodontidae
Mojarras - Family Gerreidae
Porgies - Family Sparidae
Snappers - Family Lutjanidae
Grunts - Family Haemulidae
Sunfishes - Family Centrarchidae
Wrasses - Family Labridae
Medusafishes - Family Centrolophidae
Sea basses and groupers - Family Serranidae
Triggerfishes - Family Balistidae
Porcupinefishes - Family Diodontidae
Filefishes - Family Monacanthidae
Boxfishes - Family Ostraciidae
Puffers - Family Tetraodontidae
American soles - Family Achiridae
Tonguefishes - Family Cynoglossidae
Sand flounders - Family Paralichthyidae
Righteye flounders - Family Pleuronectidae
Turbots - Family Scophthalmidae
1. Key to the Orders and Families of Chesapeake Bay Fishes
2. Key to the Families of Perciformes Fishes in the Chesapeake Bay
3. Keys to Species within Families
4. Fish Species Rarely Recorded from the Chesapeake Bay
Glossary of Selected Technical Terms
Index to Scientific Names
Index to Common Names