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Leslie Day is a New York City naturalist. The author of Honeybee Hotel: The Waldorf Astoria's Rooftop Garden and the Heart of NYC, Field Guide to the Street Trees of New York City, and Field Guide to the Neighborhood Birds of New York City, Dr. Day taught environmental science and biology for more than twenty years. Today, she leads nature walks, gives talks, and teaches at the New York Botanical Garden. Mark A. Klingler is a scientific illustrator at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. He was trained at Carnegie Mellon University and Pennsylvania Academy of the Arts. His work has appeared internationally in major scientific journals and popular magazines, as well as museums and art forums across the country.

Field Guide to the Natural World of New York City
Publication Date: 30 Nov 2007
Status: Available
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Trim Size: 5.25" x 8.25"
Page Count: 356 pages
Illustrations: 15 maps, 101 figures, 100 color plates
ISBN: 9780801886829