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"Combining the impassioned personal reflections of a daughter who lost her father to Alzheimer's twenty-five years ago with an erudite commentary on the scientific understanding of neurodegenerative diseases by a neuroscientist who is a leader in the field, this book is a powerful and innovative collaboration. A poignant, lyrical marriage of humanities and sciences."

"A nuanced, two-dimensional take on memory and memory loss. This multifaceted book is both innovative and accessible."

"This book beautifully blends the story of a daughter's grief with literary references and information about dementia from an empathetic clinician. A compelling story that will likely touch many who have lived through the loss of a family member with dementia."

"Using an interdisciplinary process, this appealing book aims to help families deal with a relative afflicted by dementia. Weinstein and Miller do a nice job interweaving personal anecdotes and science."

"This book is a daughter's poignant act of mourning for the father she lost decades ago to Alzheimer's disease. But it is also a compelling and much-needed dialogue between a bereft family member and a doctor who understands not only the medical, but also the social emotional tolls of illness."

"A book that brings humanity and science together is rare, but Finding the Right Words achieves this seamlessly and elegantly. Biography, diagnosis, history of behavioral neurology, and a daughter's love converge to produce a deep understanding of how brain disease affects personhood. Read this book to understand how your brain creates your self."

"This graceful literary/scientific tag-team work by Cindy and Bruce provides an in-depth look into the valuable role of memory in our lives and the evolving science behind one of the most important systems of the human experience. Enriching!"

"'Together we can do so much,' wrote Helen Keller. In this moving book, Cindy Weinstein, a literary critic, and Bruce Miller, a neurologist, combine forces. The former moves from brain (her father's) to story; the latter from story (Cindy's) to brain. From this collaborative circuit comes a new kind of felt knowledge."

"In Finding the Right Words, Weinstein and Miller succeed in merging science, literature, and great storytelling to help us understand what happens to the person and the brain in Alzheimer's disease. A must-read for all who believe we must break down the silos between science and the humanities to fully appreciate what it means to live with Alzheimer's disease."

"With neurologist Bruce L. Miller's illuminating medical commentary, Cindy Weinstein's narrative is at once informative and moving, useful and heartbreaking. Clinicians, family members of those with memory disorders, and readers of memoir and scientific nonfiction alike will feel privileged to experience this rich conversation."

"An opportunity to reflect upon our shared humanity and the specific losses and loves that define us as individuals."

"Finding the Right Words: A Story of Literature, Grief, and the Brain covers something that will touch everyone — death and senior moments."