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"Josephson draws readers into the complexities and fascinations of the study of technological history. A lively and provocative book."

"Josephson’s conclusions are guaranteed to make you think of the modern world and its interconnectedness in a different light. ‘Sometimes,’ he writes ‘you should just say, no, refuse that new-fangled fish stick or aluminum soda can or smart phone or online source.’"

"... At its best is original and instructive and compresses a great deal of technical material into a brief and readable form."

"... every chapter of this book offers surprising insights and is a pleasure to read – not only for academic readers or lecturers who might find the essays very suitable to discuss with students. The book will also be appreciated by a broader audience interested in learning more about the complex technological systems that are bound up in the artefacts surrounding us."

Fish Sticks, Sports Bras, and Aluminum Cans
The Politics of Everyday Technologies
Publication Date: 1 Dec 2015
Status: Available
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Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Page Count: 224 pages
Illustrations: 8 b&w photos
ISBN: 9781421417837