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The Science of Bubbles, Droplets, and Foams

Bubbles are everywhere—in water and in air, made from soap and from gas. They are referenced in literature and sung about in songs. They are even the subject of great works of art. From the youngest child blowing bubbles in the backyard to the adult studying the fascinating science behind them, bubbles capture our imagination.

F. Ronald Young’s far-reaching survey of the humble bubble explores the complex behavior of these seemingly simple objects. If you stop to think about it, bubbles and droplets are the cornerstones of the world around us. They are the reason that dolphins cannot swim faster, that the sky is blue, and that coffee rings form. They are essential to knowing how atom smashers work, how detergents clean dishes, and how to pour a perfect pint.

Beyond these basics, Young shows how humans have put bubbles to use throughout history. Whether in technology—making fire-fighting foams and waterproof makeup—or in medicine—cleaning wounds and clarifying ultrasounds—bubbles are capable of more than most of us have imagined.

With easy-to-understand explanations, detailed illustrations, and entertaining anecdotes, Young reveals the Fizzics behind these familiar—yet surprising—objects.