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"As the subtitle of Sicherer’s book bluntly observes, these allergies can be fatal. That’s why this allencompassing and timely revision of his already praised book is so important for everyone who takes care of those with food allergies—from physicians, nurses, teachers and spouses to adults with food allergies and parents with children who are allergic to certain foods."

"An indispensable book for anyone who has food allergies or any parent of a child with food allergies. As an allergist treating food-allergic patients every day, I keep this book within easy reach, on my bookshelf. It’s a unique source of knowledge for those of us who treat such patients."

"A must-read for teens and adults with food allergies, and for anyone living with or caring for someone with food allergies. Here they will find answers to many of their questions as well as interesting case histories and essential principles of diagnosis and treatment, including a realistic overview of future approaches."

"Dr. Sicherer draws on his years of experience as a master clinician, researcher, author, and thought leader in this field to provide practical advice and countless insights that are sure to provide the reader with the knowledge needed to understand and manage food allergies. The question-and-answer format makes this comprehensive book highly accessible to people with food allergies and parents of children with food allergies, while the extensive insights and depth of detail make it an important resource for health care providers as well. Dr. Sicherer describes in detail how to integrate food allergies into a family lifestyle. A family’s ability to anticipate a food reaction and then treat the symptoms if they happen—and not expect a reaction to happen all the time—helps a family cope thoughtfully with food allergies in a child."

"In this definitive guide to food allergies, Scott Sicherer offers his readers a complete food allergy education. He demystifies everything from science to symptoms to label reading, and offers encouragement for living life to its fullest—in spite of food allergies. Destined to be the go-to resource for patients and parents striving to live well with food allergies."

"Dr. Sicherer answers all the questions parents and others have about food allergies. From practical considerations, to emotional issues, to the latest in the search for a cure—it’s all here. The easy-to-read question-and-answer format will make this a reference book you reach for time and again. I wholeheartedly recommend it!"

"Food Allergies is required reading for patients, parents, and physicians who want to help patients who have food allergies—young or old. Parents should keep a copy of this book next to Understanding and Managing Your Child's Food Allergies (also by Dr. Sicherer) so they can better understand food allergies, obtain better medical care, and ultimately enjoy a better quality of life. As a parent of children with life-threatening food allergies, these are my essential reference books."

"Wouldn’t it be nice to have a resource written by someone who has heard it all before, and can give the best medical information in clear language? Your prayers have been answered. Here in 279 well-organized pages are almost all the 'q’s' you might want to ask, and the clear, concise, and wise 'a’s' you need."

"Readers seeking a quick and easy guide to food allergies to keep on hand should look no further. This book is practical and informative without being overwhelming."

Food Allergies
A Complete Guide for Eating When Your Life Depends on It
Publication Date: 29 Sep 2017
Status: Available
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Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Page Count: 320 pages
Illustrations: 2 b&w illus.
ISBN: 9781421423388