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Table Of Contents

Part I: Introduction
1. A Guide to the Foot and How We Walk
2. Personal Care and Professional Help for Feet
3. About Shoes
Part II: Foot Disorders and Other Problems
4. Foot Alignment Problems
5. Flat Feet and High-Arched Feet
6. Skin Conditions Affecting the Foot
7. Toenail Disorders
8. Bunions and Other Toe Conditions
9. Heel Pain
10. Nerve Syndromes Affecting the Foot and Ankle
11. Arthritis Affecting Foot and Ankle Joints
12. Tendon Injuries
Part III: People with Special Foot Needs
13. Foot Problems that Start in Childhood
14. Common Sports Injuries and the Sports Enthusiast's Foot
15. Foot Health for People with Diabetes
16. Orthotic Devices to Alleviate Foot Problems