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"In this revised edition, Perry has added leading scientists Oren and Hart to the authorship of this large volume, the most comprehensive book on forest ecosystem ecology so far... The work is easily readable and very exciting... This well-written volume is a must read for graduate students, ecologists, and managers in forestry, ecosystem ecology, and forest management."

"This acclaimed textbook is the most comprehensive available in the field of forest ecology."

"Perry has made one of the truly major contributions to ecosystem science... Using straightforward language and simple, clear diagrams and tables Perry highlights significant concepts and theories of ecosystem science and comprehensively reviews literature on forest ecosystems from the past 25 years... A must for all forest ecology students and libraries."

"Merges practical forest management with lessons of conservation biology and basic ecology to create a forestry that comprises the entirety of things."

"Communicates the complexity of nature at a level of detail that varies from fairly simple expositions of topics such as the world’s forest types and the subdisciplines of ecology to detailed discussions of processes such as productivity, succession, nutrient cycling, and stability."

"A fine review of the basic concepts in ecology focusing on forest ecosystems... An extensive bibliography and index ensure the usefulness of this book to students and professionals in forestry science, ecology, and environmental studies."