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Table Of Contents

List of Tables and Figures
Note on Dates
States, Economies, and Nature
1. Forest Exploitation before the Venetian Conquest
Venetian Demand for Forest Products
Regional Forest Ecologies and the Venetian Timber Supply
Local Practices of Forest Exploitation and Venetian Shortages
Perceived Shortages and the Emergence of the Market Hierarchy
2. The Venetian Discovery of Mainland Forests
Water Management and Venetian Interpretations of Mainland Landscapes
Local Property Rights and the Limits of Venetian Power to Preserve Forests
The Failure of Market Regulations
3. Venetian Forestry Laws and the Creation of Public Forest Reserves
The Creation of the Boschi Pubblici
The 1476 Forestry Laws and the Hierarchy of Forest Utilization
The Cambrai Crisis, Fiscal Reform, and the Expansion of the State Reserves
The Expansion of Forestry Legislation and Its Consequences
4. The Venetian Forest Bureaucracy
A Divided Bureaucracy
A New Role for the Provveditori alle Legne
Sixteenth-Century Forest Surveys
Harvests, Local Resistance, and Perceptions of Scarcity
The Catastico Garzoni and the Knowledge Gap
5. The Preservation and Reproduction of BureaucraticKnowledge
Venetian Bureaucratic Expertise
The Cadastral Surveys and the Preservation of Collective Knowledge
The Cadastral Surveys as Natural Historical Narrative
Topographical Maps and the Reproduction of Knowledge
6. Nature's Republic or Republican Nature?
Peak Demand and Peak Anxiety in Eighteenth-CenturyVenice
Institutional Reform and the Res Publica of Forests
The Venetian Moral Economy of Nature
Venetian Discourses in a European Context
The Three Trials of Pietro Gavardo
Finding Meaning in the Forest