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Table Of Contents

Introduction: Dementia Is Hard, but It Needn't Be This Hard
Part One: Understanding Our Fears about Dementia
1. What Is (and Isn't) Memory? How a Better Understanding of Memory Might Ease Our Fears about Its Loss
2. The Danger of Stories: How Stereotypes and the Stigma of Aging and Dementia Can Hurt Us
Part Two: The Stories We Tell About Dementia in Popular Culture
3. Memory Loss in the Mainstream: Tightly Told Tragedies of Dementia with Science as Hero
4. Tightly Told Tragedies of Dementia: Then versus Now
5. Not So Tightly Tragic: Stories That Imagine Something More
6. Not Tragic at All: Stories about Memory Loss without the Old
7. All of the Above: Denny Crane as the Clown of Dementia
Part Three: Moving Through Fear: Stories about Dementia that Inspire Hope
8. StoryCorps and the Memory Loss Initiative
9. Memory Bridge
10. To Whom I May Concern
11. TimeSlips Creative Storytelling Project
12. Songwriting Works
13. Dance: "Respect" and "Sea of Heartbreak"
14. The Visual Arts
15. Duplex Planet: The Art of Conversation
16. The Photography of Wing Young Huie
17. Autobiographies by People with Dementia
Conclusion: How and Why to Move through Our Fears about Dementia
A. Program Description and Contact Information
B. Recipes from Chapter 1
C. Images and Stories of Dementia
D. Timeline of Stories and Events in the Recent History of Dementia