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Introduction. Freedom and Empire in the Nineteenth Century

Part I. Progress and Informal Empire, 1808-1875: Sequence, Protagonist, Paradox
Chapter 1. (In)dependence: Simón Bolívar and Revolutionary Forms of Progress
Chapter 2. "Dependant Kings": Anna Barbauld and a Paradox Deterred
Chapter 3. Anthony Trollope and the Collapse of Historical Telos

Part II. Family and Informal Empire, 1840-1926: Origin, Generation, Relation, Hybridity
Chapter 4. Vicente Fidel López Re-members the Nation
Chapter 5. H. Rider Haggard and the Antagonism of Valid Fiancées
Chapter 6. Where Progress and Family (Almost) Meet: William Henry Hudson and the Industrialization of the Pampas



The Forms of Informal Empire
Britain, Latin America, and Nineteenth-Century Literature
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