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Carole T. Gee

1. Introduction to the Limits of the Fossil Record
P. Martin Sander and Carole T. Gee
2. Organic Phase Preservation in Fossil Dinosaur and Other Tetrapod Bone from Deep Time: Extending the Probable Osteocyte Record to the Early Permian
Kayleigh Wiersma, Sashima Läbe, and P. Martin Sander
3. Fossilization of Reproduction-Related Hard and Soft Tissues and Structures in Non-Avian Dinosaurs and Birds
Tzu-Ruei Yang and Aurore Canoville
4. Raman Spectroscopy in Fossilization Research: Basic Principles, Applications in Paleontology, and a Case Study on an Acanthodian Fish Spine
Thorsten Geisler and Martina Menneken
5. Ultrastructure to Biomolecular Composition: Taphonomic Patterns of Tissue Preservation in Arthropod Inclusions in Amber
H. Jonas Barthel, Victoria E. McCoy, and Jes Rust
6. Experimental Silicification of Wood in the Lab and Field: Pivotal Studies and Open Questions
Carole T. Gee and Moritz Liesegang
7. The Structure and Chemistry of Silica in Mineralized Wood: Techniques and Analysis
Moritz Liesegang, Frank Tomaschek, and Jens Götze
8. Exceptional Fossilization of Ecological Interactions: Plant Defenses during the Four Major Expansions of Arthropod Herbivory in the Fossil Record
Victoria E. McCoy, Torsten Wappler, and Conrad C. Labandeira
9. Color in Living and Fossil Plants: The Search for Biological Pigments in the Paleobotanical Record
Carole T. Gee and Victoria E. McCoy
10. The Future of Fossilization
Victoria E. McCoy

Understanding the Material Nature of Ancient Plants and Animals
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Subject: Paleontology