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Table Of Contents

Series Editor's Foreword
Prologue, 178
1. The Threads of a Global Loom: Cotton, Slavery, and Union in an Interdependent Atlantic, 1789–1820
Cotton, Empire, and Nation
The Formation of a Transatlantic Cotton Interest
Cotton's "Revolution" and Its Limits
2. Calculating the Cost of Union: Nationalism and Sectionalism in a Republican Era, 1796–1818
The Cotton South and a Republican Coalition of "Equals"
"The Honor of Bearing It Best": Cotton, Commercial Warfare, and War
Peace Abroad, Dissension at Home: Republicans Active and Passive
3. Protecting Slavery and Free Trade: The Political Economy of Cotton, 1818– 1833
Panic and Protection
Cotton and a Harmonious Domestic and International Division of Labor
"Unequal" Protection under the Law and Cotton's Minority Status
4. Building Bridges to the West and the World: Empowerment and Anxiety in the Second Party System, 1834–1848
Publishing the "Banns" of Marriage: The Search for Lower South Commercial Advancement
American Proslavery Thought in the Age of British Abolition
The Second Party System in the Cotton South
5. An Unnatural Union: King Cotton and Lower South Secession, 1849– 1860
Economic Advancement in an Age of Democratic Ascendance
Converting Friends to Enemies and Enemies to Friends: The Search for Natural Allies
Realists Decide: Election and Secession
Epilogue, 1861
Essay on Sources

The Fragile Fabric of Union
Cotton, Federal Politics, and the Global Origins of the Civil War
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