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"Pat adjectives come to mind: monumental, for instance, and authoritative, but likewise one not so pat: iconic. All three happen to fit this artistic and scholarly work of 1,229 pages."

"Expertly rendered and carefully presented, each gem is lovingly treated... This is an exceptional, magnificent monument to French women poets, so long neglected and herewith redeemed. Summing Up: Essential."

"Norman Shapiro allows light to shine on a host of neglected talent in this book. And he does so, lovingly. With 1182 pages in this anthology, there is a lot to love. So if you happen to know somebody who loves women, or better still, if you happen to know somebody who loves poetry, this is a great gift."

"It is a volume that offers many delights... There are anticipated pleasure to be found in relative abundance."

"A singularly monumental achievement in the literary rediscovery of female-authored poetry."