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List of Contributors
Melvin L. Warren, Jr., and Brooks M. Burr
Chapter 14 Characidae: Characins
Norman Mercado-Silva, Claudia P. Ornelas-García, Juan Jacobo Schmitter-Soto, Nicholas J. Gidmark, and Andrew M. Simons
Chapter 15 Ictaluridae: North American Catfishes
Brooks M. Burr, Melvin L. Warren, Jr., and Micah G. Bennett
Chapter 16 Ariidae: Sea Catfishes
Matthew R. Thomas and Ricardo Betancur-R.
Chapter 17 Heptapteridae: Seven-finned Catfishes
Matthew R. Thomas and Mark Henry Sabaj
Chapter 18 Osmeridae: Smelts
Robert L. Hopkins II and Melvin L. Warren, Jr.
Chapter 19 Esociformes: Esocidae, Pikes, and Umbridae (Mudminnows)
Frank H. McCormick, Terry Grande, Cheryl Theile, Melvin L. Warren, Jr., J. Andrés López, Mark V. H. Wilson, Roger A. Tabor, Julian D. Olden, and
Lauren M. Kuehne
Chapter 20 Percopsidae: Trout-perches
Brooks M. Burr and Melvin L. Warren, Jr.
Chapter 21 Amblyopsidae: Cavefishes
Ginny L. Adams, Brooks M. Burr, and Melvin L. Warren, Jr.
Chapter 22 Aphredoderidae: Pirate Perches
Brooks M. Burr and Melvin L. Warren, Jr.
Chapter 23 Gadidae (Gadinae and Lotinae): Cods and Cuskfishes
Peter B. Berendzen
Chapter 24 Mugilidae: Mullets
Steven L. Powers
Chapter 25 Atherinopsidae: New World Silversides
Kyle R. Piller and Clyde D. Barbour
Chapter 26 Beloniformes: Belonidae (Needlefishes) and Hemiramphidae (Halfbeaks)
Bruce B. Collette and Stephen J. Walsh
Chapter 27 Rivulidae: New World Rivulines
Ann M. Uzee O'Connell, Martin T. O'Connell, and Anthony A. Echelle
Chapter 28 Profundulidae: Middle American Killifishes
Mollie F. Cashner and Anthony A. Echelle
Chapter 29 Goodeidae: Goodeids
Shane A. Webb
Chapter 30 Fundulidae: Topminnows
Robert C. Cashner, Jacob Schaefer, Melvin L. Warren, Jr., Anthony A. Echelle, Fernando Galvez, and Michael J. Ghedotti
Chapter 31 Cyprinodontidae: Pupfishes
Anthony A. Echelle and Alice F. Echelle
Chapter 32 Poeciliidae: Livebearers
Michael J. Ghedotti, Matthew P. Davis, and Anthony A. Echelle
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Freshwater Fishes of North America
Volume 2: Characidae to Poeciliidae
Publication Date: 14 Jul 2020
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Page Count: 936 pages
Illustrations: 243 color photos, 49 color illus., 31 b&w photos, 98 b&w illus., 72 maps, 56 charts, 49 graphs
ISBN: 9781421435121