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Chapter 1. Evolution and Ecol ogy of North American Freshwater Fish Assemblages
Chapter 2. Mating Behavior of North American Freshwater Fishes
Chapter 3. Petromyzontidae: Lampreys
Chapter 4. Dasyatidae: Whiptail Stingrays
Chapter 5. Acipenseridae: Sturgeons
Chapter 6. Polyodontidae: Paddlefishes
Chapter 7. Lepisosteidae: Gars
Chapter 8. Amiidae: Bowfins
Chapter 9. Hiodontidae: Mooneyes
Chapter 10. Anguillidae: Freshwater Eels
Chapter 11. Engraulidae: Anchovies
Chapter 12. Cyprinidae: Carps and Minnows
Chapter 13. Catostomidae: Suckers
Literature Cited
Index of Scientific Names
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