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"This impressive book includes all of the information, with beautiful photographs and illustrations, for the 52 species of frogfishes (family Antennariidae, order Lophiiformes) known as of 2020... Every university library should have a copy. Ichthyologists, collectors of books on fishes and others with a serious interest in anglerfishes will also find this book a valuable addition to their libraries."

"Based on new collections of specimens from around the world, this stunning book summarizes everything known about the more than 50 species of frogfishes. Pietsch is the only person in the world qualified to write this book. It will stand as the cornerstone of scholarship for these fascinating and beautiful fishes."

"A scientifically robust and accessible book by two highly respected taxonomists. Most laypeople are unaware of the diversity and beauty of frogfishes and will be amazed when they encounter it."

"The introduction traces the full history of our knowledge of frogfishes from the earliest published record—a woodcut labeled Pira-Vtoewah, forma monstrosa, representing a Western Atlantic frogfish, dating back to 1633—to the present. No one does this better."

Biodiversity, Zoogeography, and Behavioral Ecology
Publication Date: 3 Mar 2020
Status: Available
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Trim Size: 7" x 10"
Page Count: 624 pages
Illustrations: 472 color photos, 75 color illus., 14 b&w photos, 119 b&w illus., 20 maps, 23 figures
ISBN: 9781421432526