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"Bluefin tunas are iconic: giant in size, value, demand, and scientific complexity. Their migrations cover 90% of the world's oceans, where they're followed by impassioned scientists striving to reveal their secrets to improve fisheries management and conservation of these imperiled species. This volume compiles the latest research from the preeminent scientists and dares to answer the question, 'What is the future of bluefin tunas?'"

"Bluefin tunas have been fished sustainably for 2000 years, but recent demand for sashimi has led to the incredible auction price of $3 million for one Pacific Bluefin. How can we preserve the three species of bluefin tunas, fishes that have reached the pinnacle of fish evolution, with this price pressure? To provide the information about their biology needed for good management, Dr. Barbara Block provides 14 chapters by 42 world experts in The Future of Bluefin Tunas."