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"Mr Fouché makes important points about sport’s growing grey areas"

"The text is an interesting exploration into the obsession with sports and the influence of what the author calls the "technoscientific revolution." There is no discussion of the specific science and technology that undergird the tremendous changes. Recommended. all readers."

"Game Changer offers a fine introduction to complex questions raised by the application of science and technology to athletic competition. Where does the athlete stop and the technology begin? This and a host of other issues should spark debate in upper-division and graduate courses in sociology, ethics, American Studies, and sports history."

"Game Changer is not an easy read. The analysis and arguments are delivered in all of their complexity. The use of technical language and academic jargon will put off many non-specialists, but if you have the patience to slog through those passages, you will be rewarded. This is an important and thought provoking book and sheds light on the past, while anticipating the future technological leaps that will further blur the line between the athlete and the performance."

"Fouche’s Game Changer provides important and original insights and understandings and is highly recommended reading for scholars within the social sciences and humanities of sport and of technoscience, and, more generally, for all those with an interest in the current status and future of sport."

"A distinctive and important contribution to the histories of sports, bodies, and technology. Game Changer is a timely book by a proven scholar."

"Informative, engaging, and well-written, Game Changer deftly reveals that the impact of technoscience on sports has never been greater."

"Sport is increasingly impacted by sophisticated science, technology and medicine. Drawing upon a wealth of examples, Rayvon Fouché takes us through the good, the bad, and the ugly of how technoscience has changed sport. With its attention to the detail of juiced balls, drugged riders, and sports shoes that can send you leaping higher than Michael Jordan, this is a book sports fans and people interested in the history and sociology of technology will find hard to put down."

"A well-researched and well-written book on the impact of technoscience on sporting communities and sporting cultures. Fouché convincingly challenges long-held narratives about the relationship between technoscience and sport. He offers a first-rate start to an urgently needed debate about the limits of technoscience in sport."

"A smart and compelling analysis of the tensions produced by the increasingly significant role technoscience performs in organized sports. Fouche artfully reveals such tensions about the impact of fastsuits and other advancement in equipment or in gender verification testing are in fact products of long-standing questions, whether it is the body or the machine, and the efforts of different sporting public (fans, governing bodies, athletes) to advance their own claims about the meaning of performance."

"The marvels of high tech gear, performance-enhancing drugs, drag-reducing fabrics, computerized biometrics — all these devices and more are rapidly transforming the world of sports. For players, coaches and fans, the quest to fathom what such exotic innovations offer and what they mean on the field of play is now a daunting challenge. As boundaries between the natural and artificial, fairness and cheating, health and injury, even between female and male are blurred, questions about who won, who lost, and why often have highly uncertain answers. Rayvon Fouche brings to his inquiry the intellectual skills of a historian, discerning eye of a cultural critic and sensibilities of an accomplished sportsman (which he is). His book offers new ways to understand and enjoy the games we love."