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Table Of Contents

Editor's Foreword
Preface to the 1996 Edition
Introduction: American Higher Education's "Peculiar Institution"
Chapter 1. The Reform Canon: The 1929 Carnegie Foundation Report
Chapter 2. Responses to Reform, 1930 to 1946
Chapter 3. Regional Pride and Institutional Prestige: College Sports and the "Booster" Campus
Chapter 4. Schools for Scandal, 1946 to 1960
Chapter 5. Faculty Control and the Irony of Reform: The Pacific Coast Conference, 1946 to 1959
Chapter 6. Critics and Controversies, 1960 to 1980
Chapter 7. From Sports Page to Front Page, 1980 to 1990
Epilogue: An American Dilemma: Balancing Academics and Athletics

Games Colleges Play
Scandal and Reform in Intercollegiate Athletics
Publication Date: 18 Nov 1996
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