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"Careful and beautifully written study."

"An eloquent account of the everyday lives of the Parisian popular classes, the vibrancy of their neighborhoods, and how violence permeated their domestic arrangements... Ferguson's book is ambitious, thoughtful, and smart."

"Eliza Ferguson's meticulous reading of 264 dossiers of the Assize Courts in the Archives of Paris has yielded a fascinating and engagingly written pointillist picture of the intimate lives of the Parisian popular classes. Gender and Justice reveals significant details of love, sex, betrayal, failed expectations, dishonor, violence and retributive justice that comprised working people's daily lives. Ferguson places her keen insights into their intimate lives within the broader context of gender relations, the family economy, and the community culture of late nineteenth-century Paris."

"Gender and Justice is original not just in its analysis of crimes of passion, but in the way it uses the assize court records to glean and synthesize extensive information about daily life."

"Drawing on more than 250 cases of Parisian domestic violence, Eliza Ferguson takes a revealing new look at the fin-de-siècle crime passionelle. By carefully analyzing the testimonies of witnesses in these cases, Ferguson provides us with a fascinating, vivid window on working-class community and gender relations."

"[An] innovative study. This book is indispensable to scholars working in legal and social history, gender studies, and the history of modern France."