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Table Of Contents

Introduction: Interrogating Boundaries
Part I: Entwined Categories: Gender Constructs Technology
Chapter 1. Why Feminine Technologies Matter
Chapter 2. Why Masculine Technologies Matter
Chapter 3. Situated Technology: Meanings
Chapter 4. Situated Technology: Camouflage
Part II: Entwined Categories: Technology Constructs Gender
Chapter 5. Industrial Genders: Constructing Boundaries
Chapter 6. Industrial Genders: Home/Factory
Chapter 7. Industrial Genders: Soft/Hard
Part III: Industrial Junctions: Gendering Industrial Technologies
Chapter 8. Cigarmaking
Chapter 9. Dressmaking
Chapter 10. Meatpacking
Chapter 11. Programming
Part IV: Industrial Junctions: Technologies of Industrial Genders
Chapter 12. Economics and Homes: Agency
Chapter 13. Home EconomiesL Mediators
Chapter 14. Home Ideologies: Progress?
The Shoulders We Stand On/The View From Here: Historiography and Directions For Research
Instructor's Notes on Organization
List of Contributors