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Table Of Contents

List of Abbreviations
1. Introduction
2. Periphery and Genealogical Discontinuity: The Historical Novel of the Celtic Fringe (Maria Edgeworth and Walter Scott)
3. Progress and Pessimism: The Sicilian Novel of Verismo (Giovanni Verga and Federico De Roberto)
4. National and Genealogical Crisis: The Spanish Realist Novel (Benito Pérez Galdós)
5. Nature, Nation, and De-/Regeneration: The Spanish Regional Novel (Emilia Pardo Bazán)
6. Dissolution and Disillusion: The Novel of Portuguese Decline (Eça de Queirós)
7. Surface Change: A Brazilian Novel and the Problem of Historical Representation (Machado de Assis)
8. The Last of the Line: Foretold Decline in the Twentieth- Century Estate Novel (José Lins do Rego)
9. Death of a Prince, Birth of a Nation: Time, Place, and Modernity in a Sicilian Historical Novel (G. Tomasi di Lampedusa)
10. Epilogue: The Perspective from the End