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Table Of Contents

Preface to the 2016 Edition
Introduction. The Same but Not the Same
I. What's in a Name?
1. Ordering the World of Cures
2. The Generic as Critique of the Brand
II. No Such Thing as a Generic Drug?
3. Drugs Anonymous
4. Origins of a Self- Effacing Industry
5. Generic Specificity
III. The Sciences of Similarity
6. Contests of Equivalence
7. The Significance of Differences
IV. Laws of Substitution
8. Substitution as Vice and Virtue
9. Universal Exchange
V. Paradoxes of Generic Consumption
10. Liberating the Captive Consumer
11. Generic Consumption in the Clinic, Pharmacy, and Supermarket
VI. The Generic Alternative
12. Science and Politics of the "Me- Too" Drug
13. Preferred Drugs, Public and Private
14. The Global Generic
Conclusion. The Crisis of Similarity
List of Abbreviations