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Table Of Contents

Introduction: Thinking Geographically about Science in the Nineteenth Century
Part I. Locale Studies
1. Locating Malthus's Essay: Localism and the Construction of Social Science, 1798-1826
2. Revisiting Belfast: Tyndall, Science, and the Plurality of Place
Part II. National Studies
3. Henry Hotze in Place: Religion, Science, Confederate Propaganda, and Race
4. "Made in America": The Politics of Place in Debates over Science and Religion
5. Putting the Structuralist Theory of Evolution in Its Place
Part III. Global Studies
6. Science, Sites, and Situated Practice: Debating the Prime Meridian in the International Geographical Congress, 1871-1904
7. Illustrating Nature: Exploration, Natural History, and the Travels of Charlotte Wheeler-Cuffe in Burma
8. Climate, Environment, and the Colonial Experience
9. Lost in Place: Two Expeditions Gone Awry in Africa

Geographies of Knowledge
Science, Scale, and Spatiality in the Nineteenth Century
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