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"A comprehensive and well-illustrated history of Washington's estate."

"Manca convincingly argues that George Washington, the 'indispensable man,' was indispensable to American art, too."

"George Washington's Eye not only sheds light on the first president's keen interest in architecture, landscape gardening, and art collecting but also illuminates his learning process... Those who seek to understand Washington by exploring Mount Vernon will find this book informative and fascinating."

"More inclusive than any previous study of Mount Vernon's architecture, decorative arts, or immediate landscape, [George Washington's Eye] looks at the physical evidence as well as Washington's writings about art and taste... The book is, therefore, a comprehensive study of Washington's aesthetic choices, from their origins to the objects in which they resulted. While other scholars have catalogued the paintings in Mount Vernon, for example, Manca goes further to consider why Washington hung certain pictures in particular rooms or chose not to display others at all."

"This work makes many key contributions to the study of Washington's life and activities."