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"One of the greatest challenges facing biologists in the twenty-first century is understanding how the aging process predisposes organisms to the host of pathologies known as age-related disease. This book describes the essential elements of this challenge and is an important and intelligent addition to the gerontology literature."

"This book is a landmark achievement in presenting a perspective of the biology of aging that is linked to the expression of many diseases affecting older persons."

"In this remarkable volume, David Hamerman presents the many exciting advances in our knowledge of the biology of aging and clearly relates them to clinical geriatrics, a link we all need and can use."

"Hamerman leads the advanced and careful reader to a better understanding of the relationships between the biology of aging and the emergence of aging-related diseases."

"A unique presentation based on the author's many decades of research and experience in the science of aging. It is extremely well documented with more than a thousand references and a helpful reference... an important source of information from an expert."

"The nexus between obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and Alzheimer's disease is tantalizing. It takes the hand of a master to synthesize so much material and give a unified overarching view of the relationship between aging and disease. This skillful hand is seen in the smooth flow of the book and a most pleasurable style of writing."

"A must-read for clinicians providing primary care in geriatrics"

"An inspiring, concise, comprehensive, and stimulating primer of the field for aspiring gerontologists, geriatricians, and other physicians who will care for elderly persons."

"The depth of knowledge presented is astounding... It is a must read for young and in-training geriatricians."

"I found much of interest in the collection."

Geriatric Bioscience
The Link between Aging and Disease
Publication Date: 3 Dec 2007
Status: Available
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Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Page Count: 316 pages
Illustrations: 8 color illus., 4 halftones, 14 line drawings
ISBN: 9780801886928