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Table Of Contents

Foreword by Robert N. Butler
1. The Emergence and Future of Geriatrics
2. An Introduction to Concepts of Molecular Biology
3. Aging
I. Trends in the Aging of the Population
II. What Is Aging? Can We Distinguish betweenAging and Disease?
III. Mechanisms of Aging
IV. Longevity: Genetics of Extended Life Span or Risk for Adverse Events
4. Interrelations of Certain Aging-related Conditions
I. Cytokines, Inflammation, and Responses to Stress
II. Atherosclerosis: Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease
III. The Metabolic Syndrome and Type 2 Diabetes
IV. Osteoporosis
V. Osteoarthritis
VI. Frailty and Related Conditions: Anorexia, Sarcopenia, Exercise
VII. Cancer
VIII. Alzheimer Disease
5. Interactive Therapies Significant for an Aging Population
I. Cyclooxygenases
II. Statins
III. Bisphosphonates
IV. Thiazolidinediones and Peroxisome Proliferatoractivated Receptor
V. Cytokine Inhibitors as a Landmark for Newer Anti-inflammatory Therapies
VI. Hormonal Therapies
6. Preventive Gerontology
I. The Compression or Expansion of Morbidity?
II. Healthy Lifestyle Practices
III. "Successful Aging"

Geriatric Bioscience
The Link between Aging and Disease
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