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Table Of Contents

Introduction: Applying and Breaking the Rules
1. If You Don't Know What You're Doing, Don't Do Anything
2. If What You're Doing Seems to Be Working, Think about Continuing It
3. If What You're Doing Doesn't Seem to Be Working, Think about Doing Something Else
4. Don't Agree to an Invasive Procedure without Understanding Why It's Needed—and without Getting a Second Opinion
5. If You Don't Have Symptoms, a Doctor Can't Make You Feel Better
6. Never Trust Anyone Completely, Especially Purveyors of Conventional Wisdom
7. Most Things Are What They Seem to Be, Except When They're Not
8. What Your Doctor Doesn't Know Could Kill You
9. Timing Is Everything, and Sometimes Time Is the Cure
10. Caring Is Always Important Medicine
Epilogue: The Participatory Art of Medicine
Recap: The Rules Revisited
Appendix: Additional Information about the Common Illnesses Discussed in This Book