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Table Of Contents

A Note on Sources
1. The Emergence and Reality of Contemporary Internationalization
2. Tracking a Global Academic Revolution
3. The Logic of Mass Higher Education
4. The Prospects for the BRICs: The New Academic Superpowers?
5. Internationalization and Global Tension: Lessons from History
6. Globalization and the University: Realities in an Unequal World
7. The Internationalization of Higher Education: Motivations and Realities
8. Higher Education Crosses Borders
9. The Globalization of Rankings
10. The Imperial Tongue: English as the Dominating Academic Language
11. The University as Center and Periphery
12. Research Universities in Developing Countries
13. Twisted Roots: The Western Impact on Asian Higher Education
14. Comparative Perspectives on Private Higher Education
15. Academic Freedom: International Realities and Challenges
16. The Giants Awake: Higher Education Systems in China and India
17. Academic Remuneration and Contracts: Global Trends and Realities
18. Student Political Activism
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Global Perspectives on Higher Education
Publication Date: 1 Apr 2016
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