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Table Of Contents

I. Sound and Sound Waves
1. Making Music: How Sound Is Made
2. The Sound of Music: Perception
3. Good Vibes: Waves in Motion
II. The Building Blocks of Music
4. Making Music Beautiful: Complex Musical Tones
5. The Well-Tempered Scale
6. Down Melody Lane with Chords and Chord Sequences
7. "You've Gotta Have Rhythm": Rhythm and Types of Music
III. Musical Instruments
8. Why a Piano Is Not a Harpsichord
9. The Stringed Instruments: Making Music with the Violin and the Guitar
10. The Brass Instruments: Trumpet and Trombone
11. The Woodwinds: Clarinet and Saxophone
12. The Most Versatile Instrument: The Singing Voice
IV. New Technologies and Acoustics
13. New Technologies and Acoustics
14. Making a MIDI Recording
15. The Acoustics of Concert Halls and Studios
Suggested Readings