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"An original and substantial contribution to the historiography of higher education. As far as I know, this is the first book-length narrative to explore the origins and evolution of the chief strands of evaluation that pertain to undergraduate education, especially in terms of teaching and learning. This book will appeal to historians of education, as well as scholars focused on policy and organization."

"Gelber's detailed historical analysis of topics that cut across the higher education landscape stands as an original, comprehensive horizontal history. Grading the College tells a great, important story. It shows persuasively that writing about the past is directly pertinent to the present in matters of policy and accountability deliberations."

"Grading the College offers more evidence as to why Scott Gelber is one of our finest historians of higher education. Combining rigorous research, sharp analysis, and elegant prose, Gelber unearths the deep and surprising backstory of the current assessment craze. A rich and relevant scholarly intervention: A+."

"Scott M. Gelber painstakingly explores the twentieth-century quest to measure the effectiveness of higher education. Who knows if individual professors teach well? How can anyone evaluate an entire campus? Everyone interested in those questions today should read this book. Enlivened by vivid examples from several dozen colleges, Grading the College deserves an A+."

"Through this thoroughly researched, well written, and timely book, Scott Gelber demonstrates that only by understanding the history of college teaching, learning, and evaluation will we escape the quagmire that comprises the present-day effort to assess higher education in America."

"In this well-written and thoroughly researched book, Gelber persuasively argues that professors themselves have actively sought useful forms of evaluation for at least a century and offers insights into how and why faculty should shape evaluation practices in the future."

"Grading the College is a fascinating and valuable book. Gelber has created an incredibly lucid account of past efforts to evaluate teaching and learning in higher education, showing paths that should be avoided as well as promising routes that may be worth revisiting. This is an essential read for anyone who cares about higher education."