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Table Of Contents

Introduction by Judith Butler
Translator's Preface
Part One
1. The End of the Book and the Beginning of Writing
The Program
The Signifier and Truth
The Written Being / The Being Written
2. Linguistics and Grammatology
The Outside and the Inside
The Outside Is the Inside
The Hinge [La Brisure]
3. Of Grammatology as a Positive Science
Science and the Name of Man
The Rebus and the Complicity of Origins
Part Two
Introduction to the "Epoch of Rousseau"
1. The Violence of the Letter
The Battle of Proper Names
Writing and Man's Exploitation by Man
2. "... That Dangerous Supplement..."
From/Of Blindness to the Supplement
The Chain of Supplements
The Exorbitant. Question of Method
3. Genesis and Structure of the Essay on the Origin of Languages
I. The Place of the Essay
Writing, Political Evil, and Linguistic Evil
The Present Debate
The Initial Debate and the Composition of the Essay
II. Imitation
The Interval and the Supplemen
The Engraving and the Ambiguities of Formalism
The Turn of Writing
III. Articulation
"That Movement of the Wand..."
The Inscription of the Origin
The Neume
That "Simple Movement of the Finger." Writing and the Prohibition of Incest
4. From/Of the Supplement to the Source
The Originary Metaphor
The History and System of Scripts
The Alphabet and Absolute Representation
The Theorem and the Theater
The Supplement of (at) the Origin
Afterword, by Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak

Of Grammatology
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