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"The Great Fire of Rome combines disasters, daily life, and the emperor Nero, all of which have proved enduringly popular subjects in ancient history, in a fresh and stimulating way. Vividly and vigorously written, this lively account is thought-provoking and provocative."

"Walsh's examination of the Great Fire is wide-ranging in its scope, impressively well researched, sensible in its assessments, and above all gloriously vivid. This is a book that both the general reader and the professional scholar can read with pleasure and profit."

"Distinctive in The Great Fire of Rome are the ways in which Walsh uses each aspect of the fire and its aftermath to explore themes from Roman imperial topography to the social structures of the city's inhabitants to the early history of the Roman Christian community. In lively and accessible prose, he displays commendable sympathy for the plight of the ordinary Romans caught up in the catastrophe. For those with a serious interest in Nero and his fire, this book is the place to begin."